Please advise the formalities for transferring residence from Visa 22 to Visa 18. I want to know how much time it will take to transfer my residence to Visa 18 if I am presently working as Visa 22. Also, please advise the educational qualification as I need for transferring the same.

Name withheld

Answer: We begin by cautioning you that it is an offence under the law to work while you are on Visa 22 which is strictly a family and not a work visa. Note therefore, that both you and the company you are working for are breaking the law and will suffer the consequences if you are caught by any of the law enforcement agencies. With regard to formalities, the company representative, who will undertake the transfer processes on your behalf, knows what to do and the time frame within which this can be accomplished depends on how effective the Mandoub or company representative is. With regard to the educational qualification needed for transfer, all that we can say is that if you don’t hold a university degree, you need to have stayed in Kuwait for at least one year before you can transfer from Visa 22 to 18. If you are a graduate, however, you can effect the transfer at any point in time so far as you land a job

Source: Arab Times