Fiza Ali is a talented and beautiful Pakistani actress, host, and singer who embarked on her acting career in her teenage years. Fiza Ali gained instant fame through her debut hit drama serial, “Mehndi.” Among her notable dramas are “Mehndi,” “Sath Nibhana Hay,” “Saat Sur Rishton Kay,” “Mor Mahal,” “Love Life Aur Lahore,” and “Shaam Dhalay.” Fiza Ali is a strong and courageous single mother to her adorable daughter, Faraal. Recently, she made an appearance on the show “Had Kardi” with Momin Saqib, where she disclosed the names of singers who did injustice with her. She shared her experiences with top Pakistani singers who exploited her singing talent and attempting to sabotage her career.
Fiza Ali Names Famous Singers Who Mistreated Her
To the question, “You have sung songs with many singers who haven’t paid you, why don’t you report them?, Fiza Ali said, “I want to report them by heart, no one took care of me, no one thought about me, I used to sit in a show like this where the singers used to come as guests, they used to request me to sing with them, I never wanted any favours regarding singing but still I sang for them”. Fiza Ali further added, “I have sung with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sheraz Upal, I never knew that my graph would go down like this, I would name Zeshaan Rokhri here, I sang a lot of songs with him, I considered him brother but he never declared me sister on the record, even though, I was a mother to a daughter, he didn’t clarify it that I was like his sister, secondly, he didn’t give me my money. Malkoo has also not paid me, I have sung a lot of songs with Malkoo, he promised to release my payments but he didn’t pay me. I was disheartened. I left singing for a year”. She praised Sajjad Ali and said, “Sajjad Ali is like a brother to me but he treated me like sisters, he gave me due respect, he was so kind. I went to his house and had meetups with his family, but still people made false headlines about me”.